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A website built on the WordPress platform is a versatile solution that we develop from scratch specifically for your project. Our exclusively designed design ensures that your website is unique and stands out from the competition.

The website is responsive and adapts seamlessly to any device - be it smartphone, tablet or desktop. It is optimally displayed in all common browsers, optimized for fast loading and ready for Google indexing to facilitate the integration of SEO content.

Our user-friendly administration allows anyone to easily manage the website. During the development phase, you will receive a link where you can track progress in real time and request changes at any time.

We only use licensed plugins and offer you free licenses for one year from launch. After launch, we provide you with free support for one month.

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A blog is a special type of website where authors post articles on a wide range of topics, from personal hobbies to news and opinions. Readers can leave comments and interact with the content, creating a community around shared interests.

Blogs are updated frequently and contain a variety of media, including text, images, and videos. Both individuals and businesses use blogs to share information and build a loyal readership.


A personal website is an individual online space dedicated to an individual. It is a place to share information about yourself, your passions and achievements. It can include a blog, portfolio, resume, and sections about personal hobbies and interests.

Personal websites are designed to build an online presence and connect with like-minded people. They provide an opportunity to express yourself creatively, share thoughts and ideas, and showcase your skills and experience.


A corporate website is designed to represent the company online by providing information about the products and services offered, as well as the company's history and values. It includes sections such as "About Us," "Services," and "Contact Us," and is an essential tool for attracting and converting customers.

These websites can integrate additional features such as contact forms, customer reviews, and company blogs to improve online visibility and build brand credibility. Corporate websites help increase online presence and facilitate communication with customers and partners.


An e-commerce website allows users to purchase products or services online and offers essential features such as a shopping cart, payment processing and order management. These websites are essential for online stores that want to sell their goods directly to consumers on the Internet.

Additionally, e-commerce websites can offer advanced features such as multilingualism, booking systems, appointment scheduling, e-learning modules, user registration, wish lists and product comparisons. These advanced features improve the user experience and help increase sales.

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Allow your users to sign up for updates and receive the latest news directly in their inbox. This will keep them informed of all releases, special offers and important events, which will increase loyalty and interaction with your brand. This service requires the creation of an account with Mailchimp, which is set up to manage subscriber lists and send effective email marketing campaigns.


Make your website accessible to users worldwide by offering content in multiple languages. This facilitates market expansion and improves the user experience of international visitors by adapting content to their language needs. We set up the website to be easily translatable, however the translated content must be provided by the website owner.


Integrate a reservation system that allows users to book rooms, events or services directly on your website. This simplifies the reservation process and resource management, providing a smooth and convenient experience for your customers. The booking system can be synchronized with other popular platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com and more to ensure efficient and centralized management of reservations.


Customers can conveniently schedule appointments or consultations online, simplifying appointment management and reducing the need for telephone confirmations. This allows for a more efficient and accessible service. The appointment scheduling system can be synchronized with personal calendars such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar and displays appointments in real time also in the phone calendar when synchronized, ensuring easy and convenient schedule organization.


Offer online courses and educational content through a learning platform integrated into your website, making education and training easier for users while expanding your offerings and reaching a wider audience.


Provides users with the ability to sign up and create accounts on your platform, giving them personalized access to additional features, their order history, wish lists, and personal settings. This feature significantly improves the user experience and strengthens the relationship with your customers in the long term.


Allows users to save their favorite products to view or purchase later, providing them with a convenient way to manage their shopping desires and return to them at a later time.


Allow users to compare products or services to help them choose the best option. This improves their shopping experience by helping them make informed and satisfactory decisions.

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Implement a feature that generates online tickets with individual QR codes. Users can receive and use their tickets digitally, allowing quick and secure access to events without the need for physical tickets. This solution offers modern and efficient access management.

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