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A clean and professional layout, with an emphasis on the image gallery.

A beautiful WordPress website with a simple layout, eye-catching galleries, and easy navigation.


Background and Client Requirements

Owning a furniture design and installation business, Augurusa requirements for the website were specific.

Augurusa: “We wanted a site that represents our modern style and highlights the quality of our work.”

It was essential to include an impressive gallery to showcase completed projects and an easily accessible contact system for potential clients.

Proposed Solutions for Implementation

Platform and Optimization: The solution provided was the development of on the WordPress platform for ease of content management. Our designer suggested a clean and professional layout, with an emphasis on the image gallery and SEO optimization to increase search engine visibility.

Design and User Experience: We came with a design that was simple yet elegant, upon client’s request, reflecting the quality and modern style of their company’s work. For this purpose, the website's design was chosen to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, facilitating quick access to important information for clients.

Technologies and Features: The site includes special features such as customized photo galleries for each project and effective contact forms to facilitate direct interaction with clients. Additionally, we integrated a content management system that allows us to easily update the site with new projects and articles.

Additional Relevant Details

The development process for the site took approximately two weeks, during which our development team worked closely with the company to ensure that all details were perfect.

Augurusa: “Given the outcomes, we believe the investment was efficient, and the costs were within the allocated budget.

Outcomes and Post-Launch Management

The feedback received was extremely positive. Clients are impressed by how easy it is to navigate the site and the quality of the way the company’s work is presented. The Managing Director told us that their confidence in the project's success has bolstered since they’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic and quote requests from the site's launch.

The client is also content with the excellent support the development team provided following the website launch, which enabled them to handle any technical problems and the required updates. In order to maintain the site operating at optimal level, they plan to continue collaborating with us for regular updates and maintenance.

Lessons Learned From the Project

The biggest obstacle was articulating the company's message clearly through the website's design, but with the development team's assistance, we were able to bring its vision to life.

Augurusa: “We are extremely satisfied with how the site has been received by clients and the positive impact it has had on our business.

Final Thoughts

The essence of Augurusa's modern furniture business was effectively transmitted through the development of their website. Working together with our development team was crucial to overcoming obstacles and realizing the client's vision.

The project's success has been confirmed by favorable comments and the increase in traffic guarantees that it will remain effective.